Wednesday, September 22, 2010

hafizbai send you a contest invitation

22,Wednesday September 2010

infoAssalamu Alaikkum hafizbai has just joined the Alwahy Family! It is simply brilliant, so visit AlWahy today and find out why we are the first Muslim choice.

Dear hafizbai.kbmx,

AlWahy.Com is the worlds Largest Muslim Social Media created for the modern needs of the ummah.

hafizbai humbly invites you to share in creating a positive environment for people everywhere around the world.

Our services are; Search Engine, Videos, Email, Blog, SMS, Events and Many Others. You just have to get on it to find out!

If you join AlWahy today you can win a fabulous IPAD worth 500 pounds, so join today!!!

To do so, you need to register at and use this promotional code below.


hafizbai.kbmx personal message:
assalamulaikum wrt...

jom bersama

satu alternatif Social Network .....

juga boleh click sini utk follow saya :-)

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